Busting 7 Blockchain & Bitcoin Myths

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Is there some-more to a stream blockchain hype than there was to a Bitcoin hype of a past? 7 misconceptions debunked. 7 reasons to be skeptical.

Bitcoin 2Two years ago, Bitcoin was during a rise of its hype cycle. The digital currency’s value skyrocketed. Increasing tenfold in 4 months, it upheld a $1,200 mark, a cost of an unit of bullion during a time.

Then, after a integrate of confidence breaches and scandals such as a fall of a largest sell Mt. Gox in 2014, Bitcoin’s value fell down to $200. The conjecture frenzy came to a halt. So did a VC’s unrestrained for Bitcoin-based business models.

In 2015, a hype appurtenance started humming again. The new hype revolves around a thought that Bitcoin might not be viable as a currency, though a blockchain, a distributed bill record that annals bitcoin exchange would have a challenging intensity on a own. As investigate reported on by Coindesk shows:

“On a doubt of either “the blockchain can flower but bitcoin”, 73% of a 55 respondents asked this doubt pronounced they trust it can.”

The dream is that of an open self-administered transaction network in that mixed processors are forced

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