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The places and methods we have for purchasing bitcoins are fast expanding. Companies like Bitit and Bitboat are adding to a options, creation it easier to travel into a earthy store and squeeze bitcoin in person. Services like these generally offer a label or document that can be redeemed for bitcoins, or traded for bitcoins on an online exchange.

Headquartered in London, BitBoat is an intermediation height for bitcoin sell between private parties; portion 9 countries, a UK, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Cyprus.

Bitboat offers a label or document that can be used during Bitboat to squeeze bitcoins, that adds some complications. This choice requires users to do a trade for themselves, offered their document to other users for bitcoin on a website.

– Bitboat


Bitit’s prepaid bitcoin label and a Bitaccess Flexipin vouchers in Canada, use a delegate remuneration network behind a scenes. However, Cards and vouchers like

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