Buy Organic Food With Bitcoin At Yummy Yards

Organic_food_bitcoinAdam Soltys runs Yummy Yards, which is an urban farm located in Vancouver and Richmond specializing in organic food. Yummy Yards grows a variety of organic produce and runs as a cooperative, with generations of growers passing it from one to the next. What does Soltys believe Bitcoin and cooperatives have in common? “They’re run voluntarily and democratically,” he told CCN.

He gave himself a moniker once: “techno hippie.” When I asked him why, he didn’t hesitate to elucidate: “I chose techno hippy because I’m into environmentalism, yoga, eastern/newage spirituality, music festivals, psychedelic drugs, tuning in, dropping out, ecotopia and the back-to-land movement and various other things associated with the counterculture of the 60’s,” he told CCN. “On the other hand I’m also really interested in the promise of technology and things like open source software, meshnets, encryption, cypherpunk, etc. to get humanity out of the mess we’re creating for ourselves and the planet.”

For the last few months, he’s been

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