Bylls Lets Canadians Pay Bills With Bitcoin

One of the ways to make Bitcoin a more convenient method of payment is by creating services that let users pay bills in BTC.  There is always a risk associated with such platforms, as not all of them may have legit intentions.  For those brave Canadians looking to venture into this market, Bylls will now let you pay any type of bill with Bitcoin.

Bylls – Use Bitcoin To Pay Bills In CanadaBylls Bitcoin

European citizens have had the option to pay bills in Bitcoin for quite some time now.  Multiple services, including Bitwala and BitBill, have been offering this functionality to customers in SEPA zones for quite some time now, while keeping transaction fees fairly low.  Other parts of the world had to wait awhile before such a service was available to them, but Canada is next on the list.

Bylls is operating on a four-tier payment structure, determining transaction fees based on the amount of money you have to pay.  The minimum payment amount is CAD$1, whereas there does not seem to be a maximum amount, other than CAD$500+.  Associated transaction fees range from CAD$3 to a 1% flat rate for payments exceeding CAD$500.

As you would come to expect from a service such as Bylls, payments are processed on behalf of the customer during business days.  However, browsing through the company’s Terms of Service makes it clear that Bylls will not take any responsibility regarding the time at which the biller provides credit to the biller account.

Furthermore, Bylls wants to discourage users who are facing service disconnection problems from making last-minute payments through this platform, to avoid any unnecessary delays.  All payments are subject to certain circumstances which may or may not affect the payment on behalf of the customer.

One thing that may or may not determine whether you use Bylls is the fact this service requires users to create an account.  According to the Terms of Service, Bylls may require users to verify their identity, similar to how Bitwala operates.  Most services will only allow transfers up to a certain amount until verification becomes mandatory.

Waiving Any Legal Rights When Using The ServiceBylls Small

One item of particular interest in the Bylls Terms of Service can be found when scrolling down a bit.  While the entire ToS seems to be fairly standard, it is important to note that, once you create an account on this platform, you will also waive any rights to class action lawsuits and jury trials.  Hopefully, neither of these outcomes will ever become a factor, but it is worrying when a brand new services uses such harsh terminology.

  1. Waiver of Jury Trial.

Both parties agree to waive any right to have a jury participate in the resolution of any dispute or claim between the parties or any of their respective Affiliates arising under or relating to this Agreement.

  1. Waiver of Class Action Claims.

Both parties agree to waive any right to assert any dispute or claim against the other party or any other intended beneficiary arising under or relating to this Agreement as a class action.

Additionally, any disputes that may arise are to be settled between Bylls and the individual customer by looking at the Agreement.  Assuming there would be a reason for conflict between a Bylls representative and the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement will prevail.  Basically, Bylls wants to cover all bases to avoid legal issues, as they are in fact a money transmitter who may or may not require a license to operate.  No information on whether or not this license has been obtained is made available on the website.


Images courtesy of Bylls