CaliConnect’s Private PGP Key & Account Password Was “asshole209”

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Although currently free on bail, David Burchard, a.k.a. CaliConnect is now looking at a minimum of 20 counts of drug-related and money laundering charges. His lawyer tells the press that he hasn’t even been able to go through the thousands of discovery pages and is unsure as to how the case will play out.

The investigation into Burchard began almost 18 months ago, as of this article (August 2016). It started when he sold over a million USD worth of bitcoin and deposited the money in a personal account.

In an affidavit by special agent Matthew Larsen of Homeland Securities Investigations, it’s noted that CaliConnect was the 3rd largest US-based vendor on the Silk Road before it shut down. He managed to sell $1.4 million worth of marijuana and cocaine on the Silk Road alone. After the feds broke up the Silk Road, he went on to make money on other markets, including Agora, Abraxas, and AlphaBay.

Sending over a million USD to his personal bank account as an out-of-work father was far from the only aspect of his case that points to questionable opsec. He lived with his wife and three children in a California home that cost $1,350 a

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