California Scraps Licenses in Proposed Bitcoin Regulation Overhaul

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The state of California is once again moving brazen with legislation that would refurbish a income conductor manners to constraint businesses intent in digital banking activities.

Deemed dead final September, Assembly Bill 1326 was re-introduced by a legislature this week and has given been review and amended. Given a contention that surrounded progressing versions of a bill, a refurbish is already being scrutinized, yet signs advise pros and cons remain.

Most notably, a check no longer proposes to permit businesses intent in financial applications of the technology, though would instead emanate a new Digital Currency Business Enrollment Program. Lasting 5 years, a due module appears focused on assisting a state learn some-more about a rising technology.

According to a bill, companies that store, transmit, sell or emanate digital banking validate as digital banking businesses and would be compulsory to compensate a non-refundable $5,000 price to attend in a program, a cost equal to a New York BitLicense application fee.

In addition, there is a stability cost of $2,500 annually, and a content proposes giving a module commissioner a management to levy “a explain for polite penalties” of adult to $25,000.

The revised content reads:

“The check would demarcate a chairman from engaging

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