Cambridge Officials Held School Meeting Concerning Threats To Children

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Cambridge Officials Held School Meeting Concerning Threats To Children


A public meeting organized by the Cambridge Community Response Network, held on December 6, had raised serious questions about threats concerning students accessing the dark web. According to its website, the organization “helps residents, students, and workers identify the various tools and resources needed to build resiliency and better recover from a traumatic episode.”

The meeting was essential since there were some happenings lately. An anonymous tipster sent encrypted messages from the Tor browser about an upcoming threat on November 13 (the same day as the Paris terror attacks happened) to the Cambridge Police, which has been forwarded through an “anonymous tip line”. According to the message, a bomb would be placed in “Cambridge mass schools” that started with the letter “P.” Robert C. Haas, Cambridge Police Commissioner, and FBI special agent Kieran Ramsey said that the local police got another message from an unknown tipster with more specific language, alerting them to threats that described gun violence at specific schools. The e-mails were sent to city officials on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday last week, leading to an increase of the security level at five schools. This included the Amigos School,

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