Cameron Winklevoss on Bitcoin’s Price Volatility: No Reward Without Risk

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One of a categorical criticisms of Bitcoin as a banking has been cost volatility. While many people are captivated to a low costs and discerning settlement offering by a blockchain, those same people do not like a thought of holding on to an item that has infrequently mislaid vast chunks of value within brief durations of time.

Price sensitivity has really been an emanate for mainstream adoption adult to this point, though Gemini cofounder and boss Cameron Winklevoss does not trust this problem will final forever. At SXSW Interactive 2016 in March, Winklevoss claimed, “[Price volatility] is reduction and reduction an emanate each day.”

Bitcoin Is Not a Mature Market

Winklevoss was interviewed alongside his hermit Tyler by Freemit CEO John Biggs during SXSW, and he was happy to answer questions associated to trends in Bitcoin’s price. In Winklevoss’s view, one of a categorical problems now holding behind cost fortitude is a fact that Bitcoin is not a mature marketplace with modernized hedging methods. He explained:

“It’s not nonetheless a mature market. It does not have mature hedging tools. Equity markets are volatile, though there are always ways to sidestep with derivatives. There are all sorts of instruments that don’t

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