Can Bitcoin Be Gold 2.0?

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In my prior essay ‘Inflation: The Beast in a Cage‘ we discussed how executive banks are purposefully production acceleration in a hopes of tackling a tellurian economy’s prevailing deflationary headwinds, and a ramifications this could have for fiat currencies (currencies released and corroborated by executive banks).

While there is some justification QE and easing financial policies have helped coax growth, there is also augmenting means for regard that a delay of these policies will do some-more mistreat than good. Already, these policies have mostly acted as a ‘reverse resources redistribution’ that has increasing resources inequality while also compromising executive bankers’ credibility. This deadlock of executive banks vs deflation can usually finish in one of dual ways: executive banks eventually acknowledge better to deflation- or a markets force them to by doubt their credit to make an impact- or executive bankers successfully emanate inflationary conditions.

The probability of possibly outcome has driven some investors to demeanour for alternatives to a paper currencies corroborated by these executive banks. Traditionally this choice choice has been gold, though in this essay we’ll demeanour serve during because this is, and also plead a investment viability of a potentially insubordinate visitor to a ‘alternative

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