Can Bitcoin Be Gold 2.0?

In my previous article ‘Inflation: The Beast in the Cage‘ we discussed how central banks are purposefully manufacturing inflation in the hopes of countering the global economy’s prevailing deflationary headwinds, and the ramifications this could have for fiat currencies (currencies issued and backed by central banks).

While there is some evidence QE and easing monetary policies have helped spur growth, there is also increasing cause for concern that the continuation of these policies will do more harm than good. Already, these policies have largely acted as a ‘reverse wealth redistribution’ that has increased wealth inequality while also compromising central bankers’ credibility. This standoff of central banks vs deflation can only end in one of two ways: central banks eventually admit defeat to deflation- or the markets force them to by questioning their credibility to make an impact- or central bankers successfully create inflationary conditions.

The possibility of either outcome has driven some investors to look for alternatives to the paper currencies backed by these central banks. Traditionally this alternative option has been gold, but in this article we’ll look further at why this is, and also discuss the investment viability of a potentially revolutionary newcomer to the ‘alternative

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