Can Bitcoin be the Perfect Tool for Online Gambling?

Since the beginning of the Internet, the gambling industry has always been an adopter of all new online technologies that have been coming around. However, for some time now, the online gambling industry has been dealing with heavy regulatory impositions all over the world and many companies tried to find out new ways of going pass those restrictions.

It was in 2009, that Bitcoin was introduced to the world and the gambling Industry rapidly adopts this new currency. Bitcoin came to revolutionise the gambling industry, and since 2010, we start to see new gambling sites being launched that only accepted this new currency.

Bitcoin came to give a new momentum to the gambling Industry, and I might say that it even led companies to implement innovations and develop new business models.

One of these innovative gambling sites launched back in 2012 was Dragon’s Tale. This was a completely original gambling site. Dragon’s Tale was one of the first online Bitcoin Casinos to be launched, and this was no ordinary gambling site. Dragon’s Tale was to first to introduce a new gambling style: an online massively multiplayer casino role play game.

Because of its inherent characteristics and its decentralised nature Bitcoin has

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