Can Bitcoin Hard-Fork?

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Following a tough flare in a Ethereum blockchain progressing this year, developers concerned in a Bitcoin Core devise are coming up with a devise to understanding with a probability of a hard fork in Bitcoin. But with a Bitcoin network most incomparable and some-more manifold than Ethereum, could such an eventuality occur with Bitcoin anyway?

A Hard Fork

A hard flare is when a blockchain splits in to dual formed on a elemental change in manners ruling a system. In a box of Ethereum, a tough flare that was instituted was a outcome of a penetrate in TheDAO, a intelligent agreement that had some bad formula with that to exploit. This feat authorised a hacker to siphon off tens of millions of dollars value of digital currency. A tough flare was used to hurl behind those unlawful exchange and lapse a stolen supports to their legitimate owners. (For more, see: Ethereum Reaches Consensus to Hard Fork, Fixing DAO Hack)

Hard Fork

A tough flare in Bitcoin seems to be most reduction likely. First, a distance of a Bitcoin network is most incomparable in terms of mining power, even yet there are approximatetely a same

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