Can Bitcoin Help Curb Corruption in Government Offices?

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In Nigeria, a mobile phone service was launched to report against corrupt border police, and it successfully helped truckers and small traders to pass border without paying bribes. In Afghanistan, the government introduced automation to its tax collection process that helped reduce opportunities for tax theft. In India, the government launched schemes that utilized the power of internet in distributing subsidized fertilizers among poor farmers, a service that was food to corrupt middlemen for over 60 years.

Technology, without a doubt, is the leading distractor for all corrupt activities. The recent developments in finance, communication and record-keeping sector has helped anti-corruption cells in toning down frauds, and ensure good governance. There is no doubt in saying that only technology can improve transparency and boost accountability between the government and its people. And it can be seen very well in the aforementioned cases where technology, in one or another, played an important role.

But let’s accept it: Corruption is inevitable — a social phenomenon — that exists as naturally as an influenza virus. Many countries, especially the first world nations, claim that they have curbed this social stigma. But nonetheless, corruption still flourishes relentlessly in both political and bureaucratic offices, while impacting everything

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