Can Bitcoin Technology Solve a Migrant Crisis?

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Blockchain record means some-more than transferring funds: It could give refugees behind their authorised identity.

REFUGEES FROM WAR-TORN NATIONS mostly give adult all they have in an try to emanate a improved destiny for themselves and their families. But in further to a jobs, skill and family they leave behind, these migrants give adult something distant some-more fundamental: their authorised identity.

As they leave their nation of origin, refugees will mostly have their supervision IDs confiscated and their bank accounts wiped out. Without explanation of citizenship, legally speaking, they stop to exist. This detriment of temperament is compounded by a detriment of entrance to vicious amicable and mercantile infrastructure—including a general banking system.

A miss of ID creates outrageous problems for a limit countries holding in refugees and a service organizations perplexing to assistance them. The conditions with a Syrian crisis is aggravated

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