Can Bitcoin Thaw the Cold War and Help IMF Regain Credibility?

We are back into the Cold War times. While most of us would love to assume that the Cold War ended with the collapse of Soviet Union over two decades ago, the current scenario says otherwise. The growing conflict between Russia and the United States along with its allies is not a secret anymore.

The United States and the Russian Federation are superpowers commanding the two most formidable armies in the world. Both countries are now fighting it out amongst themselves in public; most of these conflicts are currently confined to political, diplomatic and espionage channels. As the situation continues to worsen, basic common sense and the restraint of a handful of powerful people has so far prevented the situation from escalating into a mighty showdown. While the risks are still high, politicians and bureaucrats are trying to push each other’s limits.

The recent attempt is the International Monetary Fund’s latest policy change. The United Nations and its divisions have become the pawns for those countries with veto power, who are more interested in serving their own agendas. Even the IMF has joined the likes of the UN by being partial towards the United States and its allies.


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