Can One Atom Change The Banking Arena?



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Nic Merriman from Avanade UK tells us because a latest entrance to a UK banking theatre could be a vital matter for change

New entrants to a market, new business models, changing patron expectations and fragmentation of normal services are all contributing to put normal banks underneath pressure.



The many new entrant to take centre theatre is Atom Bank, that was recently postulated a licence to turn a initial digital bank in a UK. Meanwhile, services like Barclays PingIt and Zapp denote that disruptive services can significantly pierce business divided from normal banking offerings. The ardour for such services is clearly there from consumers, and a majority and take-up of them can usually pierce on an ceiling trajectory.

stealing bank detailsIndeed, changes are stirring and a earthy phenomenon of these changes is also apparent. At a macro level, a bend appears to be in decrease with many determined brands shortening their footprint. Cash is no longer aristocrat and

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