Canadian Authority Exonerates Bitcoin Mining Company Of Improper Solicitation …

A Canadian company called Dominion Bitcoin Mining has been exonerated of soliciting investors without proper registration. The government of Saskatchewan, Canada’s Financial Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA) ruled that the website that allegedly was in violation of Canadian law was not active and that it did not sell any shares to investors.

A co-founder of the mining company now plans to sue the regulator for libel, according to the Globe and Mail in Toronto.

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FCAA staffers charged that Dominion’s directors offered securities without proper registrations, according to an FCAA decision dated Oct. 22, 2015. The decision named directors at the time of the company’s incorporation: Jason Edmund Dearborn of Regina, Saskatchewan; Peter Scott Voldeng of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Ronald James Frederick Gibbon of Edmonton, Alberta.

Investigators Present Evidence Against Company

The evidence presented during a hearing included screen captures taken from Dominion’s website. Harvey White, an FCAA investigator, presented information he found on the website during April of 2014. One

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