Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative Launches Digital Currency Hub in South Africa


The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) has announced it will launch South Africa’s first digital currency hub, BitHub. It will serve to be a center point for anyone currently involved in digital currency or interested in learning more.

CiTi has already made a name itself in its nearly 20 years of serving the local South African community where it has been a pioneer of new technologies. The nonprofit organizes tech meetups and events, such as a recent virtual reality community gathering, provides resources to developers and runs an incubator for local tech startups.

“In South Africa, we are faced with different challenges from the rest of the world,” says Sonya Kuhnel, organizer of the recent Bitcoin Africa Conference and collaborator in the BitHub launch, “and understanding our market is as important as the technology behind it. BitHub will guide and mentor entrepreneurs whilst they develop and shape their Bitcoin businesses to fit our unique market needs.”

The BitHub’s first event happened today in their already established co-working space, Bandwidth Barn, where future events will also be located. The event featured several speakers from the local digital currency industry and community, including Roslyn Lavery from PayFast

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