Caricoin Brings Bitcoin To The Caribbean

Caricom Bitcoin CaribbeanCaricom Bitcoin Caribbean

One of the most interesting trends in Bitcoin’s development has been that it seems to thrive in struggling economies or, more specifically, economies in which people have limited access to bank accounts. This first became apparent in Greece, where a decade-long financial crisis has recently led some citizens to go about adopting cryptocurrency as a primary means of storing and transferring funds. Indeed last August with limits based on bank withdrawals, Greece saw the influx of 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs meant to provide small- and medium-sized businesses (as well as individuals) with a means of accessing their own finances. That was a substantial move in favor of cryptocurrency, but we’ve seen similar interest in Bitcoin in other countries with struggling economies.

Now it looks like we may be able to add a whole new region to that discussion. Evidently, Caricoin is launching a Bitcoin wallet in the Caribbean for the purpose of helping the “financially underserved” on the islands. As the press release states, access to banking

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