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Cashila Aims to Enable Total Bitcoin Dependency with Instant Repurchases

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Cashila, a bitcoin remuneration and bitcoin-to-euro acclimatisation service, has partnered with Bitnik Reload, a Slovenian bitcoin use that automatically repurchases spent bitcoin from exchanges. The partnership will concede people to live truly on bitcoin, according to Jani Valjavec, co-founder of Cashila.

The partnership allows users to compensate fast and simply while repurchasing bitcoin from a accumulation of exchanges, Valjavec remarkable in a Cashila blog.

Cashila’s Unique Service

Cashila allows bitcoin users to modify bitcoins to euros and clamp versa. Users can make payments to bank accounts directly. It serves as a EUR wallet that allows users to send fiat, accept third celebration fiat or bitcoin deposits, keep supports in a wallet or modify them to bitcoin.

Reload is a use that binds a bitcoin wallet to a bitcoin sell account. As shortly as a user spends bitcoins from their wallet, Reload uses their sell comment to now repurchase a same volume of bitcoins. To use Reload, a user has to yield their bitcoin wallet open residence and API certification provided

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