CCEDK & Bit-X to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Industry

CCEDK CEO Ronny Boesing with Conference organizer CAC Card Academy CEO Mr. Kurt Andersen evaluating the today’s meet of some odd 65 participants attending The Bitcoin Blockchain conference in Copenhagen 16th 2015.

The Brand new Bitcoin NanoCard is here! Spend your crypto everywhere, anywhere.

Seamless integration of the traditional banking system and cryptocurrency protocols making way to open digital money up to mainstream usage and acceptance.

BLOKHUS, JAMMERBUGT, DK, DANMARK, June 17, 2015 / — BREAKING NEWS delivered by Ronny Boesing of Danish exchange CCEDK at the Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Copenhagen, tuesday afternoon 16th of June., a leading Danish cryptocurrency exchange in partnership with UK based exchange, has just demolished the final barriers to mainstream acceptance of crypto currencies.

“We have combined the strengths of digital currencies pioneered by Bitcoin with the universal acceptance of major credit cards,” said CEO Ronny Boesing. “In the process we have eliminated most of the biggest drawbacks of the two systems. This summer, consumers really can have it all!”

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