CCEDK Exchange Unifies Digital Currency With Card Transactions

Bitcoinist_Debit CardBitcoinist_Debit Card

Danish digital currency exchange CCEDK has been working diligently to remove any remaining barriers to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Combining the strength of digital currencies – pioneered by Bitcoin – with the universal acceptance of major credits has lead to the elimination of most of the drawbacks concerning both systems.

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Combining Digital Currency and Debit CardsBitcoinist_CCEDK_Ronny_BoesingBitcoinist_CCEDK_Ronny_Boesing

Consumers can now have it all, as they can enjoy the benefits of one single, seamless integrated solution which combines the peer-to-peer aspect of digital currency with instant international money transfers. Because of this powerful alliance between both worlds, anyone in the world can wire money to someone’s debit card, and it wouldn’t take up more time than completing a card transaction at your local merchant.

In doing so, CCEDK solved ten of the most emerging problems regarding the financial infrastructure available today. Rather than waiting around for multiple days – or sometimes even weeks – for a wire transfer to complete,

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