Centralized Data Leak Exposes 154 Million Voter Records

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A large voter database leak, uncovered by white hat hacker Chris Vickery, recently exposed 154 voter records. The records included sensitive data about these voters including gun ownership information and even preferences on certain issues like gay marriage. 

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The hack comes at a time when the blockchain is now being used to improve voting transparency and security.

Database is Uncovered, Voter Data Leaked

The information at stake was owned by voter data broker L2, which apparently sold the information to an anonymous, US-based company.

L2 cast the blame for this data leak on this undisclosed company, claiming that it inadvertently left the information unprotected in a Google cloud account.

Vickery, a security researcher with MacKeeper, said that the a portion of the data, 22.5 million records, was modified to supplement additional information that extended beyond what L2 offers its clients.

L2 limits the information it provides to some basic identifiers such as names, home addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and party affiliation. In contrast, the information that Vickery found in the database even provided links to individuals’ social media accounts such as Facebook, Flickr, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Additionally, Vickery also discovered that

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