Chain Games Introduces Fair Game Verifiable Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin and online games seems to make a great combination. The number of online game platforms using bitcoin as a preferred currency/token is increasing every day. Online games, especially online bitcoin casino and betting games make it to the top of the list of online games that accept bitcoin.

The number of bitcoin gambling and casino games providers are also increasing. Chain Games is one such new entrant to the market. The Costa Rica based game development company recently announced the launch of its first two game titles. The two titles — Fancy Roulette and Fancy Slots also happen to the two most played game types along with bitcoin poker on online casino games platforms.

Chain Games has made their games easily deployable on their client websites. Built on HTML5, embedding these games doesn’t take much time and all one has to do is include a couple of lines of HTML code on the website. Once the website is live, users can access the game window/tile on the webpage. In order to host the games and make profits out of it, clients would have to register with Chain Games with their bitcoin address. Once registered, they will receive an Operator ID. While embedding the html code into the webpage, the Operator ID has to be included in the embed code and that’s it, the game will be successfully hosted on the operator’s platform.

Chain Games charges 30% fee from its operators. The operator will receive 70% of total earnings from the game on a daily basis. Making their money’s worth, wagering and bitcoin transfer between players will be taken care of by Chain Games.

Chain Games assures its player that their platform offer fair game and makes it easy for gamers to verify it by providing a completely random number for each round which can be translated and verified on a publicly available and verifiable winnings table. – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012