Chain Partners with Nasdaq to Bring Block Chain Technology to the Private Market

Since the revelation that Bitcoin was more than just something that was used on the darknet markets, interest has steadily been growing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. A narrative has emerged where the block chain itself is the only value of the Bitcoin project. Many feel this is a dismissive and misunderstanding way to view the technology while others figure it doesn’t matter how their interest in Bitcoin manifests, so long as it does.

nasdaq and bitcoinA distributed, transparent ledger would certainly help an organization like the Nasdaq. It would aid in the settlement of trades, and it could help regulators keep an eye on the exchange. This would be an important new element for regulators, and both parties would likely appreciate it. For now, only the Nasdaq Private Shares market will be making use of the partnership with Chain, for companies that trade on it.

They’ll be using technology designed specifically to avoid the need of banks. When banks start

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