Chainalysis Tools to Make Bitcoin Ransomware a Thing of a Past

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The power of apprehension unleashed by Bitcoin ransomware might shortly come to an end. According to a blockchain research company Chainalysis, law coercion agencies are gearing adult to fight cyber crimes of this nature.

Ransomware attacks have seen a extreme arise in a new days. Cybercriminals, who were primarily targeting particular users for tiny ransoms have graduated to bigger targets. Some of a new targets embody large businesses, banking and financial institutions, hospitals and a racing team. Not to discuss a attacks on military departments.

A multiple of encryption techniques and pseudonymity of Bitcoin exchange have so distant done combating ransomware attacks a challenge. However, a growth in blockchain research record now allows law coercion agencies to lane these transactions.

According to Chainalysis, there is an boost in direct for a company’s solutions among law coercion agencies. The CEO of Chainalysis,  Michael Gronager states that a company’s bitcoin tracing record is being employed by law coercion agencies in a USA, EU, and Asia with good success. Chainalysis’ record was also instrumental in a detain of DD4BC members.

Michael was quoted recently by a record announcement saying,

“The ransomware attention is substantially value some-more than $100bn (£76bn) a year, though hopefully

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