Changes to EU’s Telecom Rules Are Coming Soon

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The European Union is plans to extend some of its telecom rules concerning security and anonymity to online communications providers such as Skype, and WhatsApp, which would govern how they can use encryption. Under the current rule, it only apples to phone service providers.

Telecom companies have been complaining for years that other companies like Google and Microsoft are being lightly regulated in spite of them offering similar services over the web. The already highly regulated companies like Vodaphone, are calling for stricter rules for companies offering communication capabilities over the internet.

They also expressed that these companies have the added capabilities to earn profit from customer data.

“Unlike Telco’s, OTT, (web based), are global players that are allowed to commercially exploit the traffic data and the location data they collect,” a representative of the telecom group Orange said.

Under the current ePrivacy Directive, telecoms have to protect user’s communication and make sure that the security of the networks used do not keep customers location and traffic data. A lot of tech companies like Facebook already offer end to end encryption on the services they provide.

The argument is that there isn’t a need to extend the telecom rules to web based providers

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