ChangeTip Launches ‘Decentralised’ Wallet in Bid for New Bitcoin Users

ChangeTip wallet

Social tipping service ChangeTip has announced a new “decentralised” wallet service, citing demand from the bitcoin community.

Called ChangeTip Wallet, the service is said to let customers more easily use the platform’s social media integrations to send funds, while allowing users better controls over their account and funds.

For example, users of the wallet will hold their own private keys, and be able to initiate and approve payments using web-based and mobile apps.

“We’re really excited to launch something that’s pure bitcoin,” said Nick Sullivan, Founder and CEO of San Francisco-based ChangeCoin – the company behind the ChangeTip platform.

He explained:

“Many in our community like ChangeTip, but shy away from the service because it’s centralized. We talked for a while about creating this product, and ultimately, we decided it was something we really wanted to build.”

ChangeTip Wallet is currently in closed beta and is available by invitation only.

Shift from centralisation

Until recently, customers were required to store their funds with ChangeTip to use the service. However, the firm said, bitcoin users have been requesting that the platform move to a more decentralised model.

As a result, the team decided to work on the new ChangeTip wallet, allowing users to manage their own private keys and to more “fully experience the

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