Charleroi Policeman Arrested for Buying Explosives from Dark Net

On Monday, a Charleroi policeman was arrested due to an investigation. The investigation was sparked when a foreign intelligence service intervened in a weapons and explosives buy from a dark net market.

The public Prosecutor’s office confirmed that two warrants were issued for the arrest of Thomas V; a 35-year-old Charleroi police officer. He was part of the GSA, a security and intelligence group based in Chareroi. He was charged with illegally importing weapons, along with two counts of attempted murder.

Reports state that Thomas V. was planning to assassinate at least two people. Also, that he had already received several weapons deliveries prior to being arrested.

He was arrested by special forces and numerous weapons and other items were confiscated from the suspects home. Prosecutors were also able to confirm the assassination plot of at least two people from information gathered at the scene.

The two murder victims are said to be the current boyfriends of two of Thomas’ ex-girlfriends.

The main question being asked is how someone who works to fight against the use, and growth of dark net markets gets caught importing weapons of all things. Working on the inside of these organizations gives a clear look into the technology used to hunt down these products, as well as what needs to be done to avoid detection.

Recently, a 50-year-old Houston man was arrested after his failed attempt to buy explosives from a dark net market. According to the report, the man attempted to purchase explosives not to kill anyone, but to “send a message.” The Houston man was investigated, and arrested due to the fact that the “vendor” was an undercover agent for the U.S. Government. An earlier report states:

“An Online Covert Employee (OCE) logged into a vendor account in late August. Once in the vendor account, the OCE reported receiving an unsolicited message from AlphaBay user “boatmanstv.” The message was titled “wireless detonator?” Following this initial message on August 21, Ogborn (boatmanstv) and the FBI OCE were in contact throughout the entire transaction.

Boatmanstv explained to the OCE that he needed several explosive components that could be shipped to Houston. Materials were needed to cause the explosion of a 20ft by 40ft wooden building he described as an apartment. In the first message, boatmanstv asked the undercover agent for a wireless transmitter with a detonator. “Everything I need to set off a 5 gallon can of gas from a good distance away,”.

It’s not safe for weapons vendors either. Even before this, a 41-year-old Berlin, Germany resident was arrested for illegal arms trafficking over dark net. Reports state that the man was placed under investigation after a DHL package was stopped, and found to contain a firearm. Law enforcement bugged the man’s vehicle, and were able to record his conversations about ammunition he had for sale.

Reports state that:

“Investigators told Berlin Regional Court that the man had sold ten weapons in the past six months. The investigators mentioned a Ceska with a silencer and a Sig Sauer with removed serial numbers. His van containing 2,000 rounds of ammunition was also used as evidence. After Berlin Regional Court found the man guilty, he confessed to the crimes he had been charged with. He is to serve four years in prison.”

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