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Check Out Bitcoin’s Silicon Valley Billboard! is growing, and we aim to be the number one cryptocurrency portal on the web. In the short few months of building the site, we’ve added quite a lot to our program. From news to podcasts, forums, and educational information on how to purchase and use the digital currency. We are proud to say that Bitcoin is the future of money. To show how excited we are we installed a billboard in Silicon Valley, California promoting the virtual money.

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Bitcoin Billboard Erected in Silicon Valley

It’s an exciting time in the world where the Internet and Satoshi Nakamoto has played a significant role in our economic progress. The tides are now turning globally, and people have access to a new way to transact without a third party. An original open source code was revealed to the world that was decentralized in such a way it would clearly disrupt the legacy financial system.

Our team is passionate about the promotion of this digital currency and every day we look to teach a new individual about this new technology. To this end, we decided to build

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