Childish Personal Attacks Are Damaging the Bitcoin Industry

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Bitcoin developers and entrepreneurs frequently endure public ad hominem attacks from others in the community. It’s time thought leaders honored their recently-signed pledge to put a stop to such unprofessional behavior.

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The Bitcoin industry has always had participants who are passionate about its surrounding issues. Many have strong opinions and frequently air them in public on social media.

It’s entirely necessary. Given the technical, political and economic issues inherent to Bitcoin development, everyone expects robust debate on what direction this revolution should take in future.

Public debate is also part of Bitcoin’s open-source ethos. While industry leaders sometimes hold invite-only meetings such as the Satoshi Roundtable or Necker Island, most arguments are still out in the open for all to see.

Compare this to the clandestine actions of central bankers and the legacy financial industry over the years.

Unprofessional and Childish

Andresen Childish Bitcoin
Gavin Andresen has been the target of many personal attacks in recent months.

When those comments descend to the level of personal insults and attacks, however, it ceases to be productive. It makes the industry appear unprofessional and childish to outsiders.

And like it or

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