China Equities Crash Accelerating Despite Protections

Despite plunge protection measures and intervention by the Peoples’ Bank of China, mainland equity indexes continue selling off, and the crash is accelerating. The Shanghai Composite Index has plummeted 32% from a 12 June top and the Shenzhen Composite Index has slid 41%. Yesterday (Tueday 7 July), the Shanghai Composite Index fell by a record 8.5%. Where will it end and what does it mean for the global economy?

“World Equity Gauge”

By noon (UTC) today, 1,323 companies’ shares have halted trading on Chinese exchanges. The total value amounts to $2.6 trillion of shares – 40 percent of the Chinese share market’s capitalization, reports Bloomberg. 710 shares dropped by the 10%/day limit by noon, thereby, halting further selling in these shares.

Despite suspensions and other measures more than $3.5 trillion has been wiped from mainland China’s equities market since mid-June. With the use of leverage blatantly encouraged by brokers, Chinese traders are facing margin calls, especially after the Shanghai Composite index fell by a record 8.5% on Tuesday.

Du Changchun, an

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