China Turmoiling—–Dumping, Pumping And Slumping

For the 2nd time in a month, China’s Shanghai Composite entered a correction, plunging 10% from local highs as headlines of delayed IPOs and large-scale steel ‘dumping’ at a loss combined with global monetary policy fireworks and European event risks. The rest of the more highly sensitive and manic Chinese equity markets are also plunging with CHINEXT and CSI-300 down over 7% in the last month (and 17% from the highs in the case of the former).


Chinese stocks have gone nowhere in a month…


Before you read on – STOP and look at the volatility we are talking about here… multiple 10 to 15% swings in major stock indices in the last month. Compare that to the US market’s idiocy where we have seen no vol whatsoever in the last six months.


Of course – as US equities roared to record highs today in the face of the most serious Grexit fears yet and a Fed that just admitted the economy is FUBAR – Chinese stocks are for once derisking responsibly (for now).

But there are more troubles in big China as Reuters reports China steel exporters are dumping inventories at a a loss…

Some Chinese steelmakers are selling their output abroad at a

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