China’s Huiyin Group Launches $20 Million Bitcoin Fund

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Huiyin Group, a multibillion-dollar investment association formed in China, has announced a launch of Huiyin Blockchain Ventures (HBV), a auxiliary account focused only on investments in a sector.

Launching with $20m in committed capital, HBV will now find to deposit a supports over a march of a subsequent 6 to 12 months. The account will be managed by James Wo, a son of Huiyin Group founder, and concentration on improving a blockchain ecosystem by investments in infrastructural projects and new use cases.

But while a organisation might have “blockchain” in a name, those tighten to a account suggested a organisation is doubtful to deposit in craving or supposed choice blockchain projects.

Wo indicated that the account will have a special concentration on projects building on or differently ancillary a bitcoin blockchain.

Wo pronounced in a statement:

“We are seeking to deposit into bitcoin-related companies to assistance heighten a industry, as we see a vast event for a lapse on a investment. As a bitcoin attention ceaselessly matures, a use of bitcoin will continue to grow and proliferate in China, as good as a rest of a world. HBV intends to be during a forefront of this technology

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