Chinese Man Sentenced To Death After Selling 150,000 Government Docs To Spies

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Huang Yu, 48, was a computer technician for a Chinese research institute that assisted China’s government in developing cipher systems when he was fired in 2004 after it was deemed that he was performing poorly.

Wanting revenge, Huang utilized the internet to get into contact with a foreign spy agency and in person, began selling the documents he acquired while he was working at the institute. The documents he handed over contained secrets ranging from military to financial operations in China.

For his cooperation, he was given $10,000 USD at first, after of which, a $5,000 USD per month salary was agreed to. It’s estimated that up until his arrest, Huang made over $700,000. According to him, he made contact with the spy he sold to 21 times.

Eventually, he ran out of documents to sell and began involving his family by asking his wife and brother-in-law to assist him who both worked in places that handled state secrets. One time, Huang used his brother-in-law’s computer that he was fixing to download more documents.

Huang’s espionage career soon ended once his constant travel and newfound riches were questioned. His wife was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment and

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