Chrome Extension Caught Stealing Bitcoin from Users

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Slovenia-based Bitcoin sell portal Bitstamp is warning users of a Google Chrome prolongation that steals their Bitcoin when creation a transfer.

The extension’s name is BitcoinWisdom Ads Remover and is a Chrome prolongation that removes ads from a, a website for consulting all kinds of Bitcoin-related statistics, all presented in easy-to-understand charts.

According to Bitstamp, a website that lets users sell Bitcoin for US dollars, this prolongation contains antagonistic formula that is redirecting payments to a possess Bitcoin address, instead of a one dictated by a user creation a transaction.

Bitcoin Web app developer Devon Weller reliable Bitstamp’s findings. The Nashville, Tennessee-based developer pronounced that a prolongation was personally replacing QR codes with a own.

Extension was replacing QR codes remuneration destinations

For users that haven’t used Bitcoin until now, QR codes are one of a methods by that we can make payments or send Bitcoin from one comment to a other.

Because Bitcoin comment (also called wallet) addresses are intensely prolonged strings of pointless characters, some Bitcoin sell portals yield a choice of holding a whole fibre and digest as a QR code. Users can afterwards indicate a QR formula with their phone (running a Bitcoin payments

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