Ciphrex CEO Lombrozo: The Bitcoin Blockchain Will Be a Settlement Layer

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Figuring out a destiny of Bitcoin and blockchain record seems like a scarcely unfit charge for many people right now, though there are certain people who seen this record develop over a years and might be means to take an prepared theory during what’s entrance next. Eric Lombrozo is a founder, Co-CEO, and CTO of Ciphrex Corporation, and he has contributed formula to mixed blockchain-related projects such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. Lombrozo has watched this record develop given a beginning of days, that is because it creates clarity for him to give a display on a destiny of crypto during a arriving Inside Bitcoins Conference in San Diego. The Ciphrex CTO recently common some some of his thoughts on where Bitcoin and other blockchain-based systems could be going with Inside Bitcoins.

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New Protocols Allows Blockchains to Be Settlement Layers

Although many Bitcoin proponents trust that all exchange will eventually be processed directly on a blockchain, Lombrozo sees a destiny of cryptocurrency differently. He explained that it is a protocols built on tip of a Bitcoin blockchain that reason guarantee for a destiny of

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