Ciphrex CEO Lombrozo: The Bitcoin Blockchain Will Be a Settlement Layer

Figuring out the future of Bitcoin and blockchain technology seems like a nearly impossible task for most people right now, but there are certain individuals who seen this technology evolve over the years and may be able to take an educated guess at what’s coming next. Eric Lombrozo is the founder, Co-CEO, and CTO of Ciphrex Corporation, and he has contributed code to multiple blockchain-related projects such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. Lombrozo has watched this technology evolve since the earliest of days, which is why it makes sense for him to give a presentation on the future of crypto at the upcoming Inside Bitcoins Conference in San Diego. The Ciphrex CTO recently shared some some of his thoughts on where Bitcoin and other blockchain-based systems could be going with Inside Bitcoins.

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New Protocols Allows Blockchains to Be Settlement Layers

Although many Bitcoin proponents believe that all transactions will eventually be processed directly on the blockchain, Lombrozo sees the future of cryptocurrency differently. He explained that it is the protocols built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that hold promise for the future of

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