Circle Now Supports Cards from Several European Countries


Circle customers in Europe and the UK can now link cards from a wide array of countries, many of which can also hold euros in their Circle accounts.

Circle describes itself as “more than a payment app” that has worked hard to make the process of moving money less “archaic.” The company exists to make online payments as simple and convenient as possible, while also enforcing additional safety measures and protecting user privacy.

Circle’s website states:

“Unlike existing systems that are closed and proprietary, we use open internet standards and protocols, including the blockchain (allowing us to offer this service for free). We also foster innovative approaches to risk, including our AI risk engine, which runs on cutting edge algorithms that continuously keep your money safe.”

Now, Circle is adding the euro and European cards to its growing list of supported financial systems, and countries are being added to its list of clientele every day. The platform already hosts major credit card companies such as Mastercard and Visa through accounts stationed in both the United States and abroad.

At the present time, not all Circle accounts can hold both euros and bitcoins simultaneously, although the company is working to change that. Some of the countries that offer Euro card support include Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France and Germany, while those with accounts that can hold euros include Finland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Slovenia. An entire list of applicable nations can be found here.

Last summer, Circle made headlines when it was announced that its latest bitcoin app had managed to raise over $60 in strategic funding efforts, while also making itself available in China and other select parts of Asia. The company first began working towards European expansion just over a year ago, and was the first bitcoin business to receive a regulatory license by way of New York’s infamous BitLicense.