Circle’s New Changes Spurs Questions about Its Commitment towards Bitcoin

BitLicense has been a huge pain to many bitcoin and digital currency based startups operating in the State of New York. Once BitLicense was made mandatory and the deadline to apply for BitLicense surpassed, few of the companies decided to withdraw their services from New York while other companies who considered New York to be an important market decided to stick on and apply for it.

Circle, a bitcoin based money transfer application was one among the many bitcoin companies that applied for BitLicense and recently it went on to become the first company to receive BitLicense from New York State authorities as well. Soon after receiving BitLicense, the company has introduced a lot of changes to the existing Circle platform. The company published the changes in a blogpost available here.

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Circle has now included US Dollar in addition to bitcoin for in-app transactions. This means Circle users can not only send and receive bitcoins, they can use regular fiat currency – the US Dollar to do the same. Users can also deposit US Dollar directly into their Circle accounts and use it later for executing transactions within the

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