Citi, Nordea Select Bitcoin Compliance Firm for Accelerators

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As tellurian financial institutions turn some-more meddlesome in bitcoin and blockchain technology, some are commencement to deposit and work with startups they trust will commission them with a collection to one day rivet with a industry.

Today, this means partnerships like that between UK banking hulk Barclays and bitcoin correspondence startup Chainalysis. The dual companies announced in Oct that Barclays would work with Chainalysis, a connoisseur of a New York-based FinTech accelerator, to concede a financial crimes multiplication to improved know a technology.

Now, there are signs that this partnership might be a start of a incomparable plan that could be embraced by vital banks. For example, Israel-based bitcoin correspondence startup Polycoin was recently supposed into dual incubators, one corroborated by financial services hulk Citi and a other by Nordic banking firm Nordea.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Polycoin CEO Alfred Shaffir indicated that he believes partnerships with correspondence startups will be a required initial step for any bank seeking to turn some-more active in their work with a technology.

Shaffir told CoinDesk:

“We feel that a impulse [banks] start operative with a blockchain, they will need a correspondence tool.”

Polycoin touts a full

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