Citi Report: Blockchain is Bigger than Bitcoin

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A lot of people have been observant how a blockchain is many bigger than Bitcoin itself, and they are right for a many part. Even yet a Bitcoin custom is powered by blockchain technology, a capabilities of distributed ledgers are not only related to a digital banking ecosystem. A new news by Citi seems to be meditative along those same lines, nonetheless many of their use cases are still focused on a financial aspect.  This disruptive record can change a lot of things as we know them today, that many is certain.

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Some Institutions Gain from Blockchain Technology

Whenever a disruptive judgment comes along, there are winners and losers. But things aren’t so black-and-white with blockchain technology in a picture, nonetheless there will be some elemental changes along a way. Distributed ledgers offer distant some-more advantages than downsides, though that does not meant there will be no casualties along a way.

Assuming this record would be entirely embraced by banks and financial institutions – by consortiums such as R3 CEV, many expected – a infrastructure being used currently will bear some required changes. With fewer – or no –

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