Citibank: Bitcoin Won’t Disrupt Payment Networks, but Changes Are Coming

Citibank: Bitcoin Won’t Disrupt Payment Networks, but Changes Are Coming

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Citi Research released a 56-page report on bitcoin saying that it is not going to disrupt banks or credit card networks. It says there will be increased transaction costs for bitcoin to provide increased volume. As for the use of bitcoin in remittance payments, it says bitcoin’s advantage dissipates when the “last mile” cost of converting to fiat currency is considered.

The report notes the growth of bitcoin mobile apps in developing countries but sees regulations rising that put them in question. It claims existing payment systems are generally efficient. The report also talks about Ripple and Ethereum as well as government-backed digital currencies. There is also an extensive summary of bitcoin’s legal status in different countries.

Despite these findings, Citi believes digital currency holds promise for financial services. It also believes government-backed digital currencies can disrupt existing payment systems, although these projects remain in a developmental stage

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