Citibank test the Citicoin

Citibank recently announced to have built a test platform for developing its own digital currency. On Tuesday, the International Business Times published an article confirming the intention of the bank. Citibank have now completed the preparations and have finished the digital currency programming based on the Blockchain and Bitcoin.

To program and create a digital currency itself is not too difficult. Every person with a little programming knowledge can create such a currency in a matter of minutes. However, the fact that Citibank looking at the technology more closely and even builds its own currency for testing purposes is a very clear indication that it did the digital currencies to attract the attention of the major players in the banking industry in coming.

Although these approaches sounds good once, it should be noted that banks pursue an ambitious goal – to maintain control. Although banks have no direct fear of the digital currencies, they are nervous yet. Should it provide any digital currency from Dogecoin about Bitcoin to Citicoin to the broad masses, the state will have to react and try eventually to regulate.

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