City Held Hostage — Via Bitcoin Ransomware

When it comes to bitcoin, the stories about ransomware seem to be nothing out of the ordinary for the mainstream news cycle.

Ironically, this most recent case comes less than a year after a New Jersey police officer from the same city was nabbed for selling bitcoin mining equipment. But this time, the case is a bit more serious as it has to do with hackers using bitcoin ransomware to lock out local government employees from their own computers.

As has been reported, city officials worked to get back up an running, but there were at least a few computers that had already been impacted by the ransomware. The result? Having those government computers hacked in return for roughly $730 in bitcoin. But unlike some cases (like the hospital that forked over the bitcoin before consulting law enforcement), in this instance, the city called upon law enforcement for help — scaring off the hackers.

The nuts and bolts

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