City Held Hostage — Via Bitcoin Ransomware

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When it comes to bitcoin, a stories about ransomware seem to be zero out of a typical for a mainstream news cycle.

Ironically, this many new box comes reduction than a year after a New Jersey military officer from a same city was nabbed for selling bitcoin mining equipment. But this time, a box is a bit some-more critical as it has to do with hackers regulating bitcoin ransomware to close out internal supervision employees from their possess computers.

As has been reported, city officials worked to get behind adult an running, though there were during slightest a few computers that had already been impacted by a ransomware. The result? Having those supervision computers hacked in lapse for roughly $730 in bitcoin. But distinct some cases (like a hospital that split over a bitcoin before consulting law enforcement), in this instance, a city called on law coercion for assistance — scaring off a hackers.

The nuts and bolts

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