Class Action Lawsuit Against Bitcoin Exchange Cryptsy

Anonymous user of the controversial bitcoin exchange Crypsy known as Thrillhou has filed a lawsuit against the Cryptsy team, for allegedly manipulating cryptocurrency accounts, user funds and illicit use of personal information including the Social Security Number (SSN) of users.

“About this time, I was also receiving private messages about Cryptsy using account verifications as phishing material, and I had personally been told by Cryptsy that they thought my SSN was incorrect, revealing/strongly suggesting/indicating their attempt to use my SSN illegally,” Thrillhou stated on a forum.

However, over the past few months, the exchange has received an increasing number of complaints from users on bitcoin forums including bitcointalk and bitcoin reddit.

Cryptsy users including LeChatNoir, ThrillHou, and Kn_os experienced similar problems with their accounts – the Cryptsy tech support team asked their users to change the passwords of their accounts every time it was “inaccessible.”

The Cryptsy team told users that the accounts were locked due to security maintenance and checkups, while manipulating cryptocurrency accounts without notifying its users.

“As you can see earlier in this forum, BitJohn asked me to “be cooperative” and solve the problem out of public eye…. Since then, they have forced me to password reset no less than 3 times,

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