Cloud Storage Provider Seafile Chooses Bitcoin, Ditches Paypal

Cloud Storage Provider Seafile Chooses Bitcoin, Ditches Paypal

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Seafile has announced that they will ditch Paypal payments and instead turn to bitcoin. This is an interesting decision with an even more interesting rationale and implication.

In 2013, Seafile emerged as a business-oriented cloud-based storage solution, with a different approach. They provided their customized storage solutions within a company’s previously existing private cloud. The service then enables customization of workspaces in a variety of different configurations to allow companies, teams, or individuals to curate access to applicable files.

Recently, they had a spat with Paypal.

The Questionnaire

What Seafile lacks in size it makes up for in its commitment to privacy. Apparently, Paypal issued a questionnaire to the group in an effort tp better understand their business. Not only was the document bizarrely general, it also utilized some interesting lines of questioning. Seafile felt that the implications [PDF] of some of Paypal’s questions were too intrusive, considering that, as a file storing service privacy should reign above all. Nonetheless, the folks at Seafile filled out the questionnaire to the best of their ability and returned it to Paypal.

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