CloudFlare says 94% of Tor requests are malicious

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CloudFlare says 94 % of the requests coming from the Tor Network are automated malicious communications, but this doesn’t tell the entire story. For a week in March CloudFlare analyzed the traffic of its customer’s sites from the Tor Network.

The results of the study show the two-way street of online anonymity. In this case the company found that almost 94 % of the requests to CloudFlare customer’s websites coming from the Tor Network were automated and malicious, with comment spam, vulnerability scanning, advertising click-fraud, content scraping, and brute force log in attempts topping the list of attacks from the network.

These types of attacks produce a lot of requests, so an attacker can use automation to create a large footprint; co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare, Mathew Prince told eWEEK.

“It doesn’t mean that 94 % of users are bad, or that 94 % of Tor traffic is bad. It is a very small universe of bad actors that is causing this large problem for our customers.”

Tor Project criticized CloudFlare’s approach to web security. Tor users have complained that sites that use CloudFlare often throw up CAPTCHAs that can block people from reaching those sites. Mike Perry, Tor performance developer
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