Operators also JP Morgan Chase Hackers?

The New York Times reports that Anthony R. Murgio and Yuri Lebedev, along with three others, one of whom has been charged but not arrested, were most likely behind the JP Morgan hack that compromised over 70 million client records.

The man who is still at large is named Joshua Aaron Samuel, and he is an American who splits his time between the US and Israel. The two from Israel who have been arrested are named Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein. Their activities were apparently unrelated to



Sources familiar with the case told the New York Times that the five men intended to use the information to find new victims.

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Anthony Murgio is a well-connected Florida resident, whose father is Palm Beach County School Board member. Murgio’s LinkedIn profile depicts him with what appears to be multi-year presidential candidate Ron Paul, a favorite among Bitcoin enthusiasts due to his libertarian platform.

To be clear, the theft of the information has yet to become a viable charge against any of the defendants, indicating a lack of evidence to the effect. Prosecutors are hoping for cooperation from any of the US or Israeli men who may earn themselves leniency in that way.

The sources also said that the pump and dump scheme, along with, were afterthoughts to US authorities, who uncovered the activities while investigating the JP Morgan hacking scandal. No official statements to this effect have yet been made, but CCN is watching the story as it unfolds.