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When it comes to selling Bitcoin over the Internet, there are plenty of options at one’s disposal. However, it is important to keep in mind not all of the websites claiming to buy bitcoin are legitimate. Over the past few months, various platforms have popped up, all of which claim to pay above market price for your bitcoins. Needless to say, dodgy company information with PayPal payments and too good to be true rates make for a dangerous combination. One such site is Coin Reverse, despite their press release being published on Yahoo Finance.

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Coin Reverse is Not What it Claims to Be

On paper, there seems to be nothing wrong with the Coin Reverse website. All of the details are very clear, as the company will buy your bitcoin at a premium rate. Furthermore, they offer convenient payout methods, such as PayPal and bank transfers, both of which make for smooth purchases. But this is where that illusion comes to an abrupt halt.

Although Coin Reverse has issued a press release that got picked up by Yahoo Finance through the Accesswire platform, this shouldn’t be interpreted as a sign of

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