Coinbase Add Credit/Debit Card Buys for UK & Spain



Founded in 2012, Bitcoin wallet and exchange service Coinbase,  headquartered in San Francisco California. Have added the ability to allow purchase of Bitcoin via Credit and Debit Cards.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to make buying bitcoin easier for our users. As part of that mission, we’re excited to announce support for purchasing bitcoin with a credit or debit card. When purchasing with a credit or debit card, you’ll receive your bitcoin instantly. To start, we’ll be gradually rolling out credit and debit card purchase support to users in the UK and Spain.”

This is only to a select few receiving communication “Since you’re one of our most valued customers, we’d like to extend you an invite to help us test card purchases during our invite-only pilot.”

Users can login to there Coinbase account, goto the payment methods page and simply add a credit or debit card. Using this service is currently limited to just £100 a day, but expect this figure to rise with more transactions.

Coinbase facilitates exchange between bitcoin and fiat currencies in twenty-six countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide. Are you a part of this scheme? What are your thoughts.


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