Coinbase CEO Armstrong: Ethereum Scaling Better Than Bitcoin

Coinbase CEO Armstrong: Ethereum Scaling Better Than Bitcoin

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In a note on Reddit that he is seeking senior engineers, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong also mentioned the possibility that the wallet may support more altcoins, and that Ethereum is scaling better than bitcoin.

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong

Armstrong’s original intent may have been to make Reddit readers aware that the company is seeking senior engineers as it ramps up for what he sees as a great future for cryptocurrency. But his post generated a number of comments about a coding test the company posted, along with comments about the possibility of Coinbase supporting more altcoins in addition to Ethereum.

Coinbase To Meet Customer Needs

“We are looking to support any cryptocurrency that our customers want to use, and my hope is that one of them succeeds massively, reaching billions of people over the coming years,” Armstrong wrote. He added:

I’m very interested in have digital currency scale, and I agree that Ethereum seems to be doing a much better job at this than bitcoin right now. But the future is still unknown.

He also asked Reddit readers

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